How Prolonged Exposure to the Sun Prematurely Ages Your Skin

Of all the factors which can make your skin age prematurely, exposure to the sun is one of the most serious. The resulting wrinkles, discolouration, and textural changes can be reversed by cosmetic procedures, but avoiding the damage to begin with is far more sensible. Unfortunately, sun damage is cumulative – even patients in their early twenties can show the effects if they've spent lots of time outside soaking up the rays. [Read More]

Would You Try These Weird Facial Treatments?

Everybody wants to look their best, because when you look good, you feel good too. But how far would you go in the name of beauty? Some people are so dedicated to the way they look that they go far beyond daily moisturising and getting their beauty rest. Would you try one of these five weird facial treatments? The Urine Facial. Before you bring up your breakfast, you might want to consider that there is actually some science behind the idea of putting urine on your face. [Read More]

Customising A Hair Salon For Autistic Children: Tips and Tricks For Owners

While many children enjoy a visit to the hair salon, some kids face significant challenges. Children with autism are often hypersensitive to their surroundings, and even a basic haircut can easily become very difficult to cope with. The good news is that hair salon managers can take steps to create an environment that caters for these special needs. Learn more about changes you can make in your salon to help children with autism cope with a haircut. [Read More]