Two Tips for Those Who Want to Set up a Beauty Salon

If you would like to set up a beauty salon, here are two tips that should ensure that your new business venture is a success. Always Use Disposable, Sanitary Waxing Supplies It is absolutely critical to only use disposable waxing supplies when using wax to remove your customers' body hair. For example, rather than using a single metal spatula to apply the wax to each of your customers' bodies, you should use disposable wooden spatulas on each of these people. [Read More]

What to Look For in Any Skincare Product

Skincare is a huge industry all over the world, and it may seem like every year there is a new skincare product manufacturer on the shelves, of course saying that their cream or wash is the best and will give you youthful, glowing, radiant skin. Marketing claims are not always the best guide for which skincare products are actually going to work and which are healthy for your skin, so it's good to look past them and consider the product itself. [Read More]

Corporate uniforms that work in the heat

If you have offices in some of the warmer parts of Australia, you know how uncomfortable it can be for staff to wear traditional formal corporate wear. In order to keep your staff happy, professionally attired and comfortable in all temperatures, it can pay to think outside the box when planning your corporate uniforms. Lighter layers In the hotter weather, rather than having a single piece of clothing, it can be helpful to have layers that people can adjust to fit warmer outside temperatures and cooler air conditioned office spaces. [Read More]

What to wear on a backpacking trip in India

India is undoubtedly one of the most spectacular destinations in the world, and everybody should backpack the world's largest democracy at least once in their lifetime. India is a land of contradictions: it is at once full of cramped dirty streets but also expansive landscapes, it is the land of mountains but also desert, and it is home to people of many faiths who all live together harmoniously. Before you actually make it to India, there are numerous things to take into consideration, such as the vaccinations you need, how to apply for a visa, and vitally, what you should pack. [Read More]