Two Tips for Those Who Want to Set up a Beauty Salon

If you would like to set up a beauty salon, here are two tips that should ensure that your new business venture is a success.

Always Use Disposable, Sanitary Waxing Supplies

It is absolutely critical to only use disposable waxing supplies when using wax to remove your customers' body hair. For example, rather than using a single metal spatula to apply the wax to each of your customers' bodies, you should use disposable wooden spatulas on each of these people. Likewise, rather than using washable cloth strips to pull off a person's hair, you should use single-use cloths.

The reason for this is as follows; whilst reusable waxing tools are an excellent choice for people who only intend to use them on their own body hair, they are not suitable for use on multiple people. This is because reusing, for example, the same spatula when applying wax to people's legs could result in bacteria from one individual's body being transferred to someone else's.

Because waxing opens up the pores and can occasionally cause tiny cuts that bleed, any bacteria that land on this type of sore, raw skin would be more likely to enter that person's blood and cause an infection. As such, opting for reusable waxing tools could potentially leave your customers in need of antibiotic treatment for a skin infection. Given this, it is essential to only use disposable supplies for this particular hair removal treatment.

Make a Note of Your Regular Customers' Beauty Treatment Preferences

When you begin to develop a customer base of people who visit your salon on a weekly or monthly basis, you should start making notes of these individuals' beauty treatment preferences. For example, if a particular customer likes you to incorporate lavender essential oil into their facial treatments, you should jot this down alongside their name. Similarly, if a customer likes you to use hard wax rather than soft when waxing their underarms, you should make a note of this.

The reason for this is as follows; if customers who visit your salon regularly have to explain their preferences every time they book an appointment, they may start to feel that their patronage is not fully appreciated. It may also be frustrating to have to repeatedly explain their requirements (particularly if these requirements are quite complex).

By knowing what they want without them having to tell you over and over again (and thus sparing them the hassle of having to explain themselves), you will not only show your customers that you value them but will also make their appointments more enjoyable and less stress-inducing.