What to Look For in Any Skincare Product

Skincare is a huge industry all over the world, and it may seem like every year there is a new skincare product manufacturer on the shelves, of course saying that their cream or wash is the best and will give you youthful, glowing, radiant skin. Marketing claims are not always the best guide for which skincare products are actually going to work and which are healthy for your skin, so it's good to look past them and consider the product itself. Note a few things to look for in any skincare product you might consider buying no matter the price or manufacturer.

1. Vitamins

When considering a skincare product, it's good to check the ingredients for a high concentration of vitamins. Vitamins are the building blocks of your body's cells, including the cells that make up the skin. Without adequate vitamins in your system, your body's cells will die off and you will be unhealthy and look unhealthy. When you apply vitamins directly to your skin by way of a skin cream or other product, this allows the skin to absorb these essential nutrients for maximum benefit. 

Vitamin A is very healthy for skin as is vitamin E; these both nourish and soften skin and keep it fed and healthy. When choosing a skincare product and especially a moisturizer or wrinkle cream, look for vitamins A and E in particular. 

2. Oils

Many people avoid putting oils on their face as they may assume that oils clog the pores and cause breakouts. There are some oils that don't break down very well and which can be unhealthy for the skin this way; you would never want to put thick vegetable oil or baby oil on your face since these oils don't break down very well and can trap dirt in pores. 

However, there are many oils that are very essential for your skin's health and which can make it softer. Oils made from vitamins can be healthy for skin, or you might look for light oils made for the face and hair. Pure vitamin E oil is often added to skincare products and this can keep skin soft and hydrated.

Many skincare oils will also contain a high concentration of omegas, which are essential acids that help to fight off damaging pollution and other irritants that cause wrinkling. The oil allows the omegas to be fully absorbed into skin without getting trapped in pores and cause breakouts. Look for oils with omega-3 and omega-4 acids for maximum benefit to the skin.

Keep these things in mind when trying out new skin care products from new manufacturers, like Botany Essentials.