Corporate uniforms that work in the heat

If you have offices in some of the warmer parts of Australia, you know how uncomfortable it can be for staff to wear traditional formal corporate wear. In order to keep your staff happy, professionally attired and comfortable in all temperatures, it can pay to think outside the box when planning your corporate uniforms.

Lighter layers

In the hotter weather, rather than having a single piece of clothing, it can be helpful to have layers that people can adjust to fit warmer outside temperatures and cooler air conditioned office spaces. This gives the uniforms flexibility for people to make outfits that are comfortable for them.

Keep each layer light by choosing unlined pieces and easy to co-ordinate separates.

Show some flexibility

Even if your broader corporate uniform calls for wearing blazers and pantyhose, it can be a good idea to show some flexibility to staff in the warmer climates. The local business climate is likely to be more casual, as most of the warmer cities in Australia have a more casual business culture overall. Equally, scarves can be stifling in hot weather, so let staff have a simpler uniform with sleeveless dresses and light weight pant suits.

Easy dry

If you are in a sweaty climate you will probably need to wash uniforms regularly. Try to find uniforms in an easy dry material, so they can be washed each night if needed. Well-designed pieces that stand up to regular washing are a must in these climates. Natural fibres tend to breath more and be more comfortable, but they don't stand up as well to frequent washing so your staff may need more sets of uniforms overall. Light-weight wool can be a surprisingly cool and appropriate choice for summer suits, and the "cool wool" options are usually machine washable.

Hats and UV protective clothing

If your staff need to be outside for periods of time but still need to wear a corporate uniforms, such as car sales staff, you should also incorporate a UV protection factor in the corporate clothing you select. Smart hats and high UV protection clothing can help people stay cooler as well as ensure you are looking after your staff's OHS risks for outside work in warmer climates.

If you are looking to choose a uniform for your staff in warmer climates, head into a corporate wear supplier like Hot Cotton to see what option might suit your company.