Personalising your scrubs for a pediatric work

If you work in a pediatric hospital or clinic, you'll know how hard it can be to make your patients relax and feel comfortable around you. While there are many things contributing to the uncomfortable atmosphere, one thing you can control is how you look. Here are some ways you can personalise your scrubs while staying with your medical facilities dress code.

Groovy name tags

There are a few nametag suppliers which create medical tags with cool characters. These characters can make it easier for younger pre-reading patients to identify you (as Ms. Fairy Wings or Mr. Robot), and you can create fun letter shapes for early readers to check out your name. Find something that you can relate to, such as a character from a cartoon movie or series that you would like to discuss so that the kids have a starting point to get to know you better.

Coloured surgical caps

For a scared kid, surgical staff in identical uniforms can seem extra terrifying. Surgical caps come in a range of colours and patterns that can help make your appearance more fun. These can be particularly useful if you have a lot of hair (bushy or long hair) and find that standard issued surgical caps struggle to maintain control of your mane.

Cool sneakers

Being on your feet all day can be hard on the feet. While traditional white shoes tend to be cost effective and long wearing, brightly coloured sporting trainers can be easier on the feet as well as offer you a greater range of colours for the kids to admire. You can find a great range of trainers in your local athletic store. Be sure to check the cleaning instructions on any athletics shoes you buy for work though; no doubt, they'll need a spin in the washing machine or some spot cleaning at some point!

Funky socks

If you don't feel like wearing coloured trainers all day, another slightly less out-there option is groovy socks. They can be a great "secret" to share with a reluctant patient, who may not guess you're a secret superhero or princess fan!

Personalising your healthcare uniforms is a good way to make yourself more approachable to young patients and their families and make their stay at your healthcare facility feel less intimidating. Why not investigate your facilities dress code and see what you can do to personalise your healthcare uniform?