4 Make Up Tips for Aspiring Drag Queens

Becoming a fierce drag queen who slays the crowds on the stages of Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, and beyond is easier said than done. Sure, it looks like all you have to do is learn how to walk in heels and invest in some fancy wigs, but actually, there is a lot more to the craft than this. One of the most important skills that you will need to learn to be a successful drag queen is how to "beat your face" (which is drag for "apply your make up"). Here are some tips so that the crowds are looking at your mug for all the right reasons.

Invest in make up courses. You can watch as many make up video tutorials as you like, but there is nothing quite as powerful as having a teacher who can tell you exactly what you are doing correctly and what you are doing incorrectly. Even if the course is not in drag make up specifically, it will give you a grounding in make up fundamentals that will help you for a lifetime. You can find courses at place like Elly Lukas Beauty Therapy College.

Plump your lips. You don't need to invest in lip augmentation to give the illusion that you have plump and feminine lips. First of all, it doesn't hurt to use one of the lip pumper products on the market. But then, the trick is to apply a light shade of lipstick at the centre and inside of the lips, and then move out to a darker shade. The play of light and shade gives an illusion of roundness.

Highlighting is key. When you paint your face for the stage, this is not like painting your face for a trip to the post office. The people right at the back of the club need to see how fierce your face looks, and the best way of accentuating your features is through highlighting. Apply highlighting powder to the brow bones and cheekbones. The light will reflect off this highlighted area and make you look like you have an angular, modelesque face.

Set your face. Under the bright lights of the stage, your make up is liable to run, smear, and get oily. This is why setting your face is imperative. Setting powder or setting spray is the way forward for this, but if you are in a jam without a full bag of tricks, a spritz of hairspray on your face should work just as well.