Would You Try These Weird Facial Treatments?

Everybody wants to look their best, because when you look good, you feel good too. But how far would you go in the name of beauty? Some people are so dedicated to the way they look that they go far beyond daily moisturising and getting their beauty rest. Would you try one of these five weird facial treatments?

The Urine Facial. Before you bring up your breakfast, you might want to consider that there is actually some science behind the idea of putting urine on your face. One of the ingredients of urine is called urea, and this substance holds water, so it's great at adding moisture to the skin. And when you consider that the other main component of urine is water, you have a pretty powerful moisturising combination.

The Vampire Facial. This treatment is beloved by Kim Kardashian and so the rest of the world has followed suit in trying out this bizarre facial. Rock up to your local salon asking for The Vampire, and you'll receive blood injections into your face. The idea is that the plasma part of the blood is separated, and this is high in anti-inflammatory properties, enabling it to treat inflammatory conditions such as acne.

The Caviar Facial. Can you think of anything more decadent than smearing caviar all over your skin as part of your beauty regimen? Well, if you want to be luxurious, this could actually work wonders for your skin. The amino acids present in the caviar will help to rejuvenate tired looking skin, and the omega 3 fatty acids provide the good cholesterol that your skin needs to achieve a healthy glow.

The Bird Poo Facial. If smearing caviar over your face screams of luxury, rubbing bird poop into your skin is quite the opposite. But if you are truly dedicated to beauty, you gotta do what you gotta do. This treatment originated from Japan and uses the faeces of the Japanese nightingale. Reported effects include helping with oily skin, the reduction of acne scars, and an added healthy glow to skin.

The Bee Venom Facial. Getting stung by a bee is no fun at all, but what if that bee venom could be put to good use? Well, apparently it's great for your skin, and Kate Middleton swears by its effects. The Bee Venom Facial works by tricking your skin into thinking it has been lightly stung, and so your skin plumps up, removing fine lines and leaving an even skin tone.

Are you brave enough to try any of these weird facials?