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What to Look For in Any Skincare Product

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Skincare is a huge industry all over the world, and it may seem like every year there is a new skincare product manufacturer on the shelves, of course saying that their cream or wash is the best and will give you youthful, glowing, radiant skin. Marketing claims are not always the best guide for which skincare products are actually going to work and which are healthy for your skin, so it’s good to look past them and consider the product itself. Note a few things to look for in any skincare product you might consider buying no matter the price or manufacturer. 1. Vitamins When considering a skincare product, it’s good to check the ingredients for a high concentration of vitamins. Vitamins are the building blocks of your body’s cells, including the cells that make up the skin. Without adequate vitamins in your system, your body’s cells will die off and you will be unhealthy and look unhealthy. When you apply vitamins directly to your skin by way of a skin cream or other product, this allows the skin to absorb these essential nutrients for maximum benefit.  Vitamin A is very healthy for skin as is vitamin E; these both nourish and soften skin and keep it fed and healthy. When choosing a skincare product and especially a moisturizer or wrinkle cream, look for vitamins A and E in particular.  2. Oils Many people avoid putting oils on their face as they may assume that oils clog the pores and cause breakouts. There are some oils that don’t break down very well and which can be unhealthy for the skin this way; you would never want to put thick vegetable oil or baby oil on your face since these oils don’t break down very well and can trap dirt in pores.  However, there are many oils that are very essential for your skin’s health and which can make it softer. Oils made from vitamins can be healthy for skin, or you might look for light oils made for the face and hair. Pure vitamin E oil is often added to skincare products and this can keep skin soft and hydrated. Many skincare oils will also contain a high concentration of omegas, which are essential acids that help to fight off damaging pollution and other irritants that cause wrinkling. The oil allows the omegas to be fully absorbed into skin without getting trapped in pores and cause breakouts. Look for oils with omega-3 and omega-4 acids for maximum benefit to the skin. Keep these things in mind when trying out new skin care products from new manufacturers, like Botany...

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Corporate uniforms that work in the heat

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If you have offices in some of the warmer parts of Australia, you know how uncomfortable it can be for staff to wear traditional formal corporate wear. In order to keep your staff happy, professionally attired and comfortable in all temperatures, it can pay to think outside the box when planning your corporate uniforms. Lighter layers In the hotter weather, rather than having a single piece of clothing, it can be helpful to have layers that people can adjust to fit warmer outside temperatures and cooler air conditioned office spaces. This gives the uniforms flexibility for people to make outfits that are comfortable for them. Keep each layer light by choosing unlined pieces and easy to co-ordinate separates. Show some flexibility Even if your broader corporate uniform calls for wearing blazers and pantyhose, it can be a good idea to show some flexibility to staff in the warmer climates. The local business climate is likely to be more casual, as most of the warmer cities in Australia have a more casual business culture overall. Equally, scarves can be stifling in hot weather, so let staff have a simpler uniform with sleeveless dresses and light weight pant suits. Easy dry If you are in a sweaty climate you will probably need to wash uniforms regularly. Try to find uniforms in an easy dry material, so they can be washed each night if needed. Well-designed pieces that stand up to regular washing are a must in these climates. Natural fibres tend to breath more and be more comfortable, but they don’t stand up as well to frequent washing so your staff may need more sets of uniforms overall. Light-weight wool can be a surprisingly cool and appropriate choice for summer suits, and the “cool wool” options are usually machine washable. Hats and UV protective clothing If your staff need to be outside for periods of time but still need to wear a corporate uniforms, such as car sales staff, you should also incorporate a UV protection factor in the corporate clothing you select. Smart hats and high UV protection clothing can help people stay cooler as well as ensure you are looking after your staff’s OHS risks for outside work in warmer climates. If you are looking to choose a uniform for your staff in warmer climates, head into a corporate wear supplier like Hot Cotton to see what option might suit your...

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What to wear on a backpacking trip in India

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India is undoubtedly one of the most spectacular destinations in the world, and everybody should backpack the world’s largest democracy at least once in their lifetime. India is a land of contradictions: it is at once full of cramped dirty streets but also expansive landscapes, it is the land of mountains but also desert, and it is home to people of many faiths who all live together harmoniously. Before you actually make it to India, there are numerous things to take into consideration, such as the vaccinations you need, how to apply for a visa, and vitally, what you should pack. On a backpacking trip, you will have a limited supply of clothing apparel, so this is what you should and shouldn’t put into your backpack. Forget white. That floaty white dress you have might seem like a great idea in the heat of the midday Indian sun, but after wearing it once and finding brown splodges and stains all over it, you will regret the decision. First of all, eating curry with your hands for the first time can be a challenge, and you are likely to get some on your clothes. Secondly, in many parts of the country such as the big cities (Delhi, Mumbai, and Kolkata), and states such as Rajasthan, dust flies around and will attack your clothes when you are just taking a stroll on the street. Layers of thin clothing. On a trip to India, you will most likely find yourself in blisteringly hot destinations such as Goa or Rajasthan. Unless you are planning on spending a lot of time in the north, in places like Dharamshala and Kashmir, leave your winter clothing. You might end up in a chilly hill station a few times, but then it’s better to put layers of clothing on instead of carrying around the fancy wool apparel you have from home. If you really need a sweater, you can buy a cheap one wherever you are in India, and donate it once you leave. Cover up. When you know that you are going to a hot country such as India, it can be tempting to just pack shorts and vests, but if you are planning on visiting any temples, mosques, or other religious sites, it’s extremely important that you have some clothing that covers you. Upon entering a place of worship, you should at least wear something that falls below the knees and below the elbows – otherwise you could cause offence or be refused...

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Stain Removal | Getting Rid of 3 Stubborn Stains from Clothes

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Stubborn stains from food, drinks and oil on clothes can be widely frustrating, especially when you’re not in a position to treat the stain immediately. Before you discard your precious stain-mutilated dress or blemished pair of jeans, try these helpful tips to get rid of these stubborn stains. And if these home-based cleaning solutions don’t work, you can always send it in for dry cleaning to get rid of obstinate stains. Red Wine Stains The trick with treating red wine stains is to take corrective action as soon as possible without allowing the stain to dry on your clothes. If red wine spills on your clothes, sprinkle a handful of salt generously over the stain until it is completely covered. The salt will start absorbing the colour of the red wine and will turn pink as the red wine stain is seeping out of your clothes. Add some club soda over it to completely remove the stain from the garment. The soda’s sodium and carbonation components work well for removing stains. Once done, place the clothing in cold detergent-infused water and let it soak overnight. Your red wine stain should have completely disappeared by now. Grease or Oil Stains Unaddressed grease and oil stains will damage your clothing, so it’s best to treat them immediately. Start by placing some paper towels over the stain to remove the excess oil from the area, but take care not to rub it in further –– gentle blotting is sufficient. Apply absorbent powders like salt or baking soda and allow it to sit on the stain for a few minutes to pull the oil out of the fabric. Apply liquid detergent directly to the stain and allow it to seep in before rinsing. Once you’re done, machine-wash the clothes to the highest water temperature recommended for the material. If your clothes cannot be machine washed, be sure to have it dry cleaned as soon as you can. Coffee Stains Coffee stains are incredibly messy, especially when you wear something white. Cover the stain with some salt and lemon juice and let the solution sit for a few minutes. The acidic properties of lemon will bleach the garment to its original white state. Don’t use lemon on any other colour, because it could lighten the colour of your clothes. If you spill coffee on coloured clothing, use either salt or baking soda to absorb the stain and let it sit for a few minutes. Rinse in warm soap water and your fabric will look good as new. If these home-based stain removal remedies don’t work, give your clothes for dry cleaning as soon as possible to prevent long-lasting...

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Personalising your scrubs for a pediatric work

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If you work in a pediatric hospital or clinic, you’ll know how hard it can be to make your patients relax and feel comfortable around you. While there are many things contributing to the uncomfortable atmosphere, one thing you can control is how you look. Here are some ways you can personalise your scrubs while staying with your medical facilities dress code. Groovy name tags There are a few nametag suppliers which create medical tags with cool characters. These characters can make it easier for younger pre-reading patients to identify you (as Ms. Fairy Wings or Mr. Robot), and you can create fun letter shapes for early readers to check out your name. Find something that you can relate to, such as a character from a cartoon movie or series that you would like to discuss so that the kids have a starting point to get to know you better. Coloured surgical caps For a scared kid, surgical staff in identical uniforms can seem extra terrifying. Surgical caps come in a range of colours and patterns that can help make your appearance more fun. These can be particularly useful if you have a lot of hair (bushy or long hair) and find that standard issued surgical caps struggle to maintain control of your mane. Cool sneakers Being on your feet all day can be hard on the feet. While traditional white shoes tend to be cost effective and long wearing, brightly coloured sporting trainers can be easier on the feet as well as offer you a greater range of colours for the kids to admire. You can find a great range of trainers in your local athletic store. Be sure to check the cleaning instructions on any athletics shoes you buy for work though; no doubt, they’ll need a spin in the washing machine or some spot cleaning at some point! Funky socks If you don’t feel like wearing coloured trainers all day, another slightly less out-there option is groovy socks. They can be a great “secret” to share with a reluctant patient, who may not guess you’re a secret superhero or princess fan! Personalising your healthcare uniforms is a good way to make yourself more approachable to young patients and their families and make their stay at your healthcare facility feel less intimidating. Why not investigate your facilities dress code and see what you can do to personalise your healthcare...

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